Monday, 14 June, 2021 


18:00 Welcome Concert performed by the Vivimus Ensemble, Turin



Homage in music to Hungary and Italy


Hungarian folk song   aaaaaaAz a szép akinek a szeme kék

Johannes Brahms                    Hungarian dances No. 1, 2, 5  

Nicolò Paganini                          Cantabile

Vittorio Monti                              Csárdás  

Jeno Hubay                                Bolero op.51   

Ferenc Von Vecsey                    Valse triste

Giacomo Puccini                        O mio babbino caro (from Gianni Schicchi)

Giuseppe Verdi                          La donna è mobile (from Rigoletto)

Pietro Mascagni                         Intermezzo (from Cavalleria Rusticana)

Domenico Modugno                   Volare 

Ferenc Liszt                               Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Tuesday, 15 June, 2021

09:00 Opening ceremony of the Symposium and welcome address
Dean (to be confirmed), Ornella Abollino (UNITO, Turin), Sergio Caroli (SIMeF, Milan), Gyula Záray (ELTE, Budapest) 

09:25 Viktor Gábor Mihucz, President of the Hungarian Spectrochemical Society 
Ildikó Ziegler, Secretary of the Hungarian Spectrochemical Society 
Awarding of the Tibor Török medal to Alessandro D’Ulivo 

09:30 Plenary Lecture. A. D’Ulivo, E. Pagliano, Chemical vapor generation for trace analysis. Fundamental aspects and applications

Oral session 1

The role of analytical chemistry in environmental protection

Chairpersons: Ornella Abollino (UNITO, Turin), Viktor Gábor Mihucz (ELTE, Budapest)

10:15 Keynote lecture 1.  Gy. Záray, D. Krakkó, B. Dávid, P. Dobosy, V. G. Mihucz, S. Dóbé, Development of (V)UV/O3 technology for removal of pharmaceutical residues from biologically treated wastewater 

10:45 Break

11:00 I. Rezić, M. Somogyi Škoc, ICP-OES - A useful tool in the analysis of antimicrobial coatings: from historical samples to modern antibacterial materials

11:20 E. Padoan, A. Giordano, F. Amato, M. Malandrino, F. Ajmone Marsan, Chemistry, mineralogy and lead isotopic composition of PM10 fraction of road dust and roadside soils in Turin

11:40 A. Takács, W. Almeshal, Gy. Záray, Microplastics in aquatic environment

12:00 W. Almeshal, A. Takács, K. Málnás, L. Előd Aradi, Gy. Záray, Biomonitoring of microplastics pollution by mussels in the Tisza River, Hungary 

12:20 S. Bertinetti, M. Grotti, E. Conca, M. Malandrino, Analytical methodologies for ICP analysis of limited-size sample: elemental and isotopic study of polar snow

12:40 O. Fónagy, E. Szabó-Bárdos, O. Horváth, Development of spectroscopic methods for the determination of electrons and superoxide-radicals formed on TiO2 photocatalysts

13:00 Break

Sponsors’ Corner 1 

13:30 L. Medini, Labcam, Overview of the core activities of the Labcam, GLP Test Facility  

13:40 A. Terracina, Al. Terr Consulting, Presentation of current activities

13:50 A. Carcano, Agilent Technologies, New 7850 ICPMS & Mass Hunter 5.1

Oral session 2A

Emerging challenges in environmental contamination

Chairpersons: Gyula Záray (ELTE, Budapest), Péter Dobosy (ELTE, Budapest)

14:00 Keynote lecture 2. P. Grenni, Antibiotics and related resistance genes: role of climate changes and the COVID-19 pandemic in increasing ecosystem contamination

14:30 Keynote lecture 3. T. Lomonaco, E. Manco, J. La Nasa, S. Ghimenti, D. Biagini, F. Di Francesco, F. Modugno, A. Ceccarini, A. Corti, V. Castelvetro, R. Fuoco, Release of harmful volatile organic compounds from weathered macro- and microplastics: a neglected source of environmental pollution

15:00 J. La Nasa, F. Modugno, G. Biale, V. Castelvetro, A. Corti, A. Ceccarini, Py-GC/MS can provide a wealth of useful information on the degradation of microplastics

15:20 M. Minella, D. Palma, D. Papagiannaki, M. Lai, C. Richard, Degradation of perfluoroalkyl substances in ultrapure and groundwater through non-thermal plasma

16:00 Break

16:20 Keynote Lecture 4. P. Smichowski, D. Gómez, Characterization of atmospheric aerosols: an overview on 20 years of research

16:50 Keynote Lecture 5. E. Magi, The contribution of mass spectrometry to the study of emerging pollutants in water matrices

17:20 Keynote Lecture 6. J. Sneddon, C. J. Hardaway, J. C. Richert, Environmental Studies in Southwest Louisiana-Review, Update of and Future Directions

17:50 Invited Lecture. T. Anemana, M. Varga, M. Óvári, J. Mihály, Á. Szegedi, N. Uzinger, M. Rékási, Jun Yao, Gy. Záray, V. G. Mihucz, Decrease of arsenate and chromium(III) mobility in soils

18:10 P. Inaudi, A. Giacomino, O. Abollino, F. Cafaro, E. Fea, S. Squadrone, M. C. Abete, On-site approach for mercury determination and speciation

18:30 Y. Bakircioglu Kurtulus, D. Bakircioglu, N. Topraksever, Deep eutectic solvent-based three-liquid-phase-extraction system for one-step separation of Cu, Mg and Zn

18:50 F. Girolametti, C. Truzzi, S. Illuminati, M. Fanelli, F. Vagnoni, S. Susmel, M. Celussi, J. Šangulin, M. Mion, N. De Bortoli, C. Franci, A. Annibaldi, Dissolved Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in relation to depuration plants outflows in northern Adriatic coastal waters: a two years monitoring survey 

19:30 Closure of day 1 

Wednesday, 16 June, 2021

Oral Session 2B 

Emerging challenges in environmental contamination 

Chairpersons: Mery Malandrino (UNITO, Turin), Sergio Caroli (SIMeF, Milan)

09:00 B. Dömölki, D. Krakkó, P. Dobosy, É. Ács, Gy. Záray, Sorption of selected pharmaceuticals on river biofilms formed on artificial substrata 

09:20 C. Fontanesi, F. Solano, E. Da Como, M. Malandrino, P. Inaudi, O. Abollino, S. Morandi, A. Giacomino, Charging transfer cocrystals: interesting prospects for their use in the environmental field 

Sponsors’ Corner 2 

09:40 EcoTox

09:45 C. Pirola, Milestone srl, Incremental vs Disruptive innovation in microwave sample preparation

09:55 ChemSafe 

Oral session 3

Contaminants and residues in food

Chairpersons: Agnese Giacomino (UNITO, Turin), Michaela Zeiner (Örebro University)

10:00 Keynote lecture 7. P. Dobosy, A. Endrédi, S. Sandil, V. Vetési, M. Rékási,  Gy. Záray, Effect of irrigation water containing iodine on the plant physiological processes and elemental concentrations of different vegetables  

10:30 Keynote lecture 8. C. Cagliero, C. Bicchi, A. Marengo, B. Sgorbini, P. Rubiolo, Determination of acrylamide in roasted coffee powders and brews at ultra-trace level by GC-MS using microextraction techniques based on Ionic Liquids

11:00 L. Mandrile, I. Cagnasso, A. M. Giovannozzi, M. Petroziello, A. Asproudi, F. Durbiano, A. M. Rossi, Determination of SO2 concentration in red and white wine samples by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

11:20 S. Sandil, Gy. Záray, Uptake and bioaccumulation of arsenic in plants from irrigation water and its effect on essential elements: a review

11:40 Break

12:00 V. Vetési, M. Óvári, M. Rékási, S. Sandil, Gy. Záray, P. Dobosy, Effect of iodine on the growth and elemental composition of bean and pea cultivated in different soils applying irrigation with KI containing water

12:20 M. Zeiner, V. Sjöberg, H. Olsman, Can plants be considered as indicators for safe reuse of brownfields?

12:40 I. Langasco., F. Barracu, J. F. López-Sánchez, A. Mara, P. Meloni, M. I. Pilo, À. S. Estrugo, G. Sanna, N. Spano, A. Spanu, Extraction and HPLC-ICP-MS determination of arsenic species in rice grain: method development, validation and application on real samples

13:00 E. Aprea, I. Khomenko, F. Gasperi, F. Biasioli, PTR-ToF-MS fingerprinting of Italian EVOO

13:20 F. Biasioli, Food related VOCs analysis by direct injection mass spectrometry: a trade-off between sensitivity/time resolution and specificity

13.40 Zs. Sajtos, T. Varga, Z. Gajdos, A. J. Timothy Jull, M. Molnár, E. Baranyai, Time preserved in honeys: MP-AES and AMS investigation of acacia honeys

14:00 E. Baranyai, Zs. Sajtos, T. Varga, Z. Gajdos, A. J. Timothy Jull, Z. Lisztes-Szabó, M. Molnár, Time preserved in honeys. MP-AES and AMS investigation of rape, sun and multifloral bee products 

14:20 D. Bakircioglu, Y. Bakircioglu Kurtulus, N. Topraksever, Extraction induced by emulsion breaking for multi-elemental determination in chocolate samples by FAAS 

14:40 Break

Oral session 4

Current developments in medical devices

Chairpersons: Salvatore Bianco (Akros Bioscience, Pomezia), Fabio Geremia (Pharmaprocess, Milan)

14:50 Keynote lecture 9. S. Bianco, Clinical evaluation of medical devices

15:20 C. Colombo, Workflow solutions for highly innovative blood sample analysis

15:40 F. M. Vivaldi, A. Bonini, E. Eremeeva, N. Poma, B. Melai, P. Salvo, F. Di Francesco, Wearable smart systems for minimally invasive health monitoring

16:00 S. Caroli, Counterfeiting of medical devices: a threat to human health

16:20 L. Mancini, S. Marcheggiani, M. Figliomeni, S. Gaudi, E. Volpi, L. Avellis, C. Ferrari, F. Volpi, C. Romanelli, C. Afferni, P. Calamea, P. D’Alessandro, M. Marletta, White book on global environmental changes and medical devices

16:40 Break

Oral Session 5A

New challenges in pharmacology and medicine, Part A 

Chairpersons: Alessandro D'Ulivo (CNR, Pisa), Ornella Abollino (UNITO, Turin)

17:00 Keynote lecture 10. D. Biagini, S. Ghimenti, T. Lomonaco, C. Vigor, C. Oger, T. Durand, R. Fuoco, F. Di Francesco, Analysis of emerging salivary oxylipins by MEPS-UHPLC-MS/MS to monitor heart failure patients

17:30 Keynote lecture 11. A. Barra Caracciolo, A. Visca, L. Patrolecco, N. Ademollo, J. Rauseo, L. Rolando, F. Spataro, K. Monostory, B. Sperlagh, P. Grenni, Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in an urbanized stretch of the River Danube


Social event


19:30 Closure of day 2 

Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Oral Session 5B

New challenges in pharmacology and medicine, Part B

Chairpersons: Paola Grenni (IRSA-CNR), Ornella Abollino (UNITO)

09:00 F. Geremia, Risk analysis for nitrosamines contamination in medicinal products

09:20 R. Al-Jawasreh, M. Wahshab, G. Rizzato, E. Scalabrin. M. Radaelli, G. Capodaglio, An exploration of Ferula hermonis Boiss. to be used as fish food integrator of Siganus rivulatus and the relation to its metabolic composition  

09:40 I. Gualandi, F. Mariani, M. Tessarolo, L. Possanzini, F. Decataldo, T. Cramer, D. Tonelli, B. Fraboni, E. Scavetta, Organic electrochemical transistors as analytical tools for health

Oral session 6

Chemical exposure and testing in the workplace

Chairperson: György Heltai (Szent István University, Gödöllő), Mario Carere (ISS, Rome)

10:00 Keynote lecture 12. A. Salomone, M. Vincenti, Hair analysis in workplace exposure and testing

10:30 G. Abbaszade, D. Tserendorj, N. Salazar, D. Le Tan, D. Zacháry, P. Völgyesi, Cs. Szabó, Potentially toxic elements’ (Pb, Cd, Hg, As) contamination in former industrial cities (Hungary) 

10:50 L. Khumalo, Gy. Heltai, A. Várhegyi, M. Horváth, Ecotoxicological impacts of mobilised uranium from the uranium mine spoil deposits on the water quality in Pécs, Hungary

11:10 S. Corsolini, D. Baroni, A. Metzdorff, K. Pozo, J. L. Roscales, B. Jiménez, E. Cerro, J. Dachs, C. Galbán-Malagón, J. Klanova, Working in an Antarctic research station: levels and exposure to old and novel flame retardants through indoor dust ingestion

11:30 Break 


Social event

Wonders of the Roman and Piedmont Baroque

Virtual tour to discover some artistic and historical beauties starting from Rome and reaching Turin, by Francesca Barberini, Art historian

14:00-15:30 Poster Session 1, Environmental contamination 

Presention (5 min each) and discussion

Coordinators: Viktor Gábor Mihucz (ELTE, Budapest), Mery Malandrino (UNITO, Turin)

K. Franjković, I, Nemet, I. Juranović Cindrić, M. Zeiner, B. Salopek Sondi, Influence of soil salinity on essential element content in different Brassicaceae species

S. Squadrone, P. Brizio, S. Pederiva, A. Griglione, C. Stella, F. Brusa, P. Mogliotti, A. Garrone, M. C. Abete, Trace elements and rare earth elements (REEs) in honey from Northwestern Italy

S. Squadrone, S. Pederiva, P. Brizio, T. Bezzo, N. Nurra, R. Mussat Sartor, M. Battuello, M. C. Abete, A preliminary study on the occurrence of trace metals adsorbed to plastic debris isolated from mesozooplakton (Northwestern Mediterranean Sea)

M. Chirico, M. E. Pisanu, R. Giuseppetti, F. Magurano, E. Iorio, E. D’Ugo, Metabolomics by 1H-NMR spectroscopy can provide a tool of useful information on the degradation of exhausted engine oil

L. Mariani, P. Grenni, L. Patrolecco, T. Pescatore, A Narciso, A. Barra Caracciolo, Assessment of soil toxicity: application of test with the crustacean Heterocypris incongruens

E. Conca, F. Amato, R. Bartrolì Solé, T. Moreno Pérez, X. Querol Carceller, O. Abollino, P. Inaudi, A. Giacomino, M. Malandrino, Physico-chemical characterization of different brake pad wear emissions

R. A. Grifa, G. Pozzoli, Masks and gloves: the new pollutants

Zs. Sajtos, B. Varga, E. Szvák, I. Pap, E. Baranyai, The elemental analysis of the mummies of Vác, Hungary  

M. Fanelli, C. Truzzi, S. Illuminati, F. Girolametti, F. Vagnoni., S. Susmel, M .Celussi, M. Mion, N. De Bortoli, C. Franci, A. Annibaldi, Impact of depuration plants on nutrients levels in North Adriatic Sea

M. Carere, I. Lacchetti, W. Cristiano, K. di Domenico, L. Mancini, Fish-kill event in the urban part of the Tiber river: investigative monitoring with the use of effect-based methods 

W. Cristiano, C. Giacoma, M. Carere, L. Mancini, Raising awareness of chemical pollution as a driver of ecosystem health damage in Eastern Africa: a 2021 Report  

S. Sandil, A. Endrédi, A. Füzy, P. Dobosy, M. Óvári, Gy. Záray, Arsenic uptake and accumulation in bean and lettuce at different developmental stages  

S. Marcheggiani, C. Puccinelli, F. Chiudioni, L. Mancini, COVID-19 lockdown pandemic period  and aquatic ecosystems

M. Ottaviani, M. Malandrino, T. Pescatore, J. Rauseo, F. Spataro, N. Ademollo, L. Patrolecco, Characterization and source identification of PAHs and elements in surface sediment of Kongsfjord (Svalbard Islands)

16:00-17:30 Poster Session 2, Innovative analytical approaches 

Presention (5 min each) and discussion

Coordinators: Agnese Giacomino (UNITO, Turin), Marisa Le Donne (ISS, Rome)

T. Lomonaco, A. Ceccarini, S. Ghimenti, D. Biagini, F. Di Francesco, R. Fuoco, Needle trap microextraction as a new sampling and preconcentration approach for the analysis of volatile organic compounds in soil

S. Marcheggiani, M. Rossato, M. Carere, O. Tcheremenskaia, S. M. Marino, A. Giuliani, L. Mancini, M. Alfano, S. Maestri, M. Delledonne, A case study about an experimental approach to evaluate the performance of on-site barcoding of microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems

M. Le Donne, G. Favero, L. Lucentini, C. Sette, E. Veschetti, Speciation analysis of thallium inorganic species by size exclusion/ion exchange liquid chromatography inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 

G. Giglione, A. Annibaldi, A. Iaccarino, R. Capancioni, G. Borghini, F. Ciabattoni, S. Illuminati, G. Pace, G. Giantomassi, Design and development of a web platform for the environmental monitoring of industrial emissions 

A. Barra Caracciolo, P. Grenni, M. Di Lenola, T. Pescatore, J. Rauseo, L. Patrolecco, Effects of adding lime on sodium lauryl ether sulphate degradation in excavated soils treated with foaming agents

C. Campanale, C. Massarelli, V. Ancona, M. Triozzi, V. F. Uricchio, A multiresidual method for determination of Glyphosate and AMPA at sub-microgram /L levels by UHPLC-MS/MS after derivatization with FMOC-Cl

B. Zsirka, V. Vágvölgyi, T. Juzsakova, K. Nagy, E. Horváth, J. Kristóf, Synthesis, structural characterization of halloysite-zinc-oxide composites and their photochemical application 

A. Minuto, G. Minuto, L. Medini, F. Mare, R. Cantù, Residues of quaternary ammonium compounds (BACS and DDACS) on minor crops: origin and possible solutions 

A. Minuto, G. Minuto, L. Medini, D. Bruzzone, F. Mare, E. Cavallo, Residues of formaldehyde in fruit and vegetable products 

C. Roveta, A. Annibaldi, B. Calcinai, F. Girolametti, S. Illuminati, T. Pulido Mantas, C. Truzzi, S. Puce, Annual variations of Hg levels in two Mediterranean sponge species

17:30 Closure of day 3

Friday, 18 June, 2021

Oral session 7

Regulatory aspects in Human Health and Environmental Protection 

Chairpersons: Ornella Abollino (UNITO, Turin), Sergio Caroli (SIMeF, Milan)

09:30 Keynote lecture 13. S. Caroli, Biosimilars: analytical challenges and regulatory requirements

10:00 M. C. Bruzzoniti, M. Castiglioni, L. Rivoira, I. Ingrando, L. Meucci, R. Binetti, M. Fungi, Regulated and emerging disinfection by-products in drinking waters: challenges and efforts in their analytical determination

10:20 B. Tobiassen Heieren, D. Krakkó, K. Kvamme, S. Dóbé, Gy. Záray, V. G. Mihucz, Assessment of photolytic/photooxidative degradation of tetracycline in water by UHPLC-QTOF-MS 

10:40 P. Calza, E. Gaggero, M. Malandrino, G. C. Varese, F. Spina, M. Florio Furno, M. Rigoletto, D. Fabbri, Abatement of organic pollutants by biodegradation: optimization of a new strategy for the regeneration of urban soils destined for horticulture 

11:00 A. Conto, M. Rodda, C. Conto, The eco-toxicological and environmental fate studies for the risk assessment of active pharmaceutical drugs

11:20 V. Romano Spica, F. Valeriani, Microflora DNA (mfDNA) as a novel marker for environmental monitoring and protection 

11:40 S. Gaudi, L. Mancini, Epigenetics of the elderly: biological determinants of human rights

12:00 Break

12:30 – 14:00 Poster Session 3, Advances in clinical and pharmaceutical chemistry 

Presention (5 min each) and discussion

Coordinators: Balazs Zsirka (University of Pannonia, Veszprém), Anna Barra Caracciolo (CNR, Rome)

F. Geremia, Risk analysis for elemental impurities contamination in medicinal products (ICH Q3D)

S. Ghimenti, D. Biagini, T. Lomonaco, C. Angelucci, C. Riparbelli, A. Cuttano, R. Fuoco, F. Di Francesco, Determination of ibuprofen and creatinine in dried blood spot of preterm infants with patent ductus arteriosus by UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS

J. Rauseo, F. Spataro, N. Ademollo, T. Pescatore, L. Patrolecco, Pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds in the sediment of an Arctic fjord (Svalbard, Norway) 

I. Zanoni, M. Crosera, E. Pavoni, G. Marussi, M. Mauro, A. L. Costa, F. Larese Filon, G. Adami, Ex-vivo evaluation of silver nanoparticles permeation through baby porcine oral mucosa using the SP-ICP-MS technique 

S. Grecchi, S. Arnaboldi, T. Benincori, S. Rizzo, S. Cauteruccio, E. Licandro, P. R. Mussini, Enantiodiscrimination ability of different inherently chiral selectors with DOPA and other chiral probes of pharmaceutical interest

C. Locatelli, D. Melucci, F. De Laurentiis, S. Casolari, A. Zappi, M. Locatelli, Thallium, a polluting metal of new generation: its voltammetric and spectroscopic determination in herbal medicines

O. Abollino, M. Malandrino, P. Inaudi, L. Bertaina, A. Pirra, A. Giacomino, Strategies for on-site determination of trace elements in officinal plants by stripping voltammetry

E. Baranyai, Zs. Sajtos, M. Fehér, À. Molnár, L. Stündl, L. Naszályi Nagy, J.C. Martins, S. Harangi, I. Magyar, K. Fehér, Zirconium retention of aquatic organisms from silica-zirconia core-shell nanoparticles 

R. A. Grifa, G. Tringali, G. Pozzoli, Innovative therapies in the treatment of cancer: CAR-T therapy

14:30 Award to the best poster presentations

15:30 Closing remarks

Closure of day 4 and closure of the Symposium









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